COVID-19: Como higienizar suas joias na pandemia




Amanda De Nardi is a jewelry designer, goldsmith and entrepreneur. With a degree in Design and Business Administration, since 2015 she has devoted herself to jewelry, completing projects of exclusive fine jewelry and collections for distributors. In 2018 she released her eponymous brand, in which she offers a design that aims to find jewelry in its essential state of form, function and color.

 "I believe that appreciating jewelry is a way to subtilize oneself, to contemplate the graces of this world in the sacred space of the body. A truthful word, a candid glance, a jewel carefully made to please. The same beauty that captivates the eyes, comforts the heart, consoles, satisfies without ever seeming complete. The search for this is constant. And so I see that 'in the pursuit of beauty we shape the world as our home'."